How to Get a Cheap Moving Service in Melbourne

Getting a cheap moving service in any place is good but risky too. In an attempt to get cheap services, you can accidentally get into problems. We have several movers who promise budget friendly services, yet they do not stick to their words.

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When I was moving from West Melbourne to South Melbourne, I contacted a moving company over the phone, and they sure gave a quick response by coming to my home immediately. Surprisingly, the two truck men came up with a new price, different from the one agreed upon on the phone. I was trapped and didn’t know what to do since my properties placed into the vehicle. I did not quarrel much, but they said they would sell some of my property to cover their losses if I fail to agree. From there, I learnt to understand that sometimes, cheap can mean expensive. In this article, I have outlined ways of getting affordable moving services in Melbourne, without falling into a trap or a scam.The first step in getting a good and cheap moving service is to ask some of your friends and relatives. Also, you can browse the internet to obtain reliable information. Here is how you can get a cheap moving service in Melbourne.

Deal With Large Moving Companies

People mistakenly think that dealing with a small company is more competitive and affordable. In my opinion, selecting a small moving company is not exactly cheap, but quick. We have several competent companies in Melbourne, which promise to deliver your properties faster and safely. However, getting a business that will favour your economic status is quite challenging. Small businesses will provide a quick service, but won’t deliver at an affordable price. Large enterprises are reliable, and will always stick to their quote. Although they will not move your properties on time since they have to visits multiple places to filling their large trucks. That means other people’s furniture are carried along with yours.


Look for the companies that can rent their vehicle to you. This would help save expenses that would otherwise cost you if you were to hire a driver. It is cheaper and gives you a sense of responsibility. You are fully in charge of transportation and are accountable for any delay. Getting such companies in Melbourne is not difficult. Surf the Internet, or consult friends and relatives.

We have several of them in the City. Most of the companies can serve both; they can lend their vehicle so you return after a given period, or they give you a driver, but you pay for the services offered. Please try doing the task yourself. You will discover it is very cheap.

Get A Good Deal in Loading and Unloading Services


In as much as you want to transport the properties yourself, it is essential to get help in the loading and unloading work. Several companies in Melbourne can effectively do it. Most of the removalist companies also offer the cargo services. Approach several and make price comparisons, and then chose on the cheaper but more convenient.

Do the Loading and Let Them Drive

Driving a truck full of heavy items and furniture is quite challenging. It is also possible that you do not know how to drive. You can still cut the expenses by loading furniture into the truck, and then allow them to drive. Your effort to save money should not be a disaster. Make it appear simple and enjoyable. Moving companies should load furniture into the truck and also unload them carefully. Contact them if you know very well.

Check the Following Warning Signs

Ever since we encountered a dishonest removalist, we are very careful. You will quickly detect a competent company in the initial stages. Look at how they converse through the phone. Are they quick in giving an estimate? A qualified, reputed company will not rush into estimating price without seeing the items. They will take an initiative of coming straight to your home, and inspect the bulkiness of your properties. From there, they will give an exact quote: not an estimate. To avoid getting yourself into problems, follow these tips to guide you over:

  • Try and get an all-inclusive price.
  • Don’t be convinced with telephone quotes. Call removalists in your home, and let them evaluate your properties before giving a quote.
  • Choose from companies that have been in the field for a while.
  • Make sure the company is certified, and that there are no complaints filed against them in any Business Bureau.

Budget Friendly Boxes and Moving Supplies

Get budget friend boxes to help pack your things. Contact those people getting rid of their boxes so you can recycle. We have various sources, where we can get cheap and free boxes. Some of them are card boxes, and can’t carry heavy goods, while others are very sturdy and big. I used to collect some from a nearby alcohol depot. They had many boxes thrown all over, and they proved to be essential when moving. You can either visit any station near you or take some from your friend who work in a grocery (if any). Sometimes, you may just decide and go dumpster diving at the suburb’s recycling centre. You obviously doubt your dignity in this, but I guarantee it works.

Get Estimates

Don’t rely on a single company, just because they made an effort of coming to your house to make a quote. Go to several companies, allow them to visit your apartment and listen to their quotes. Limiting yourself into a single company will hinder you from getting better deals if you were to explore further.